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Prysm Studios stands at the forefront of innovation in the content creation industry, by embracing hybrid workflows and challenging standard practices. Our unique approach involves working across multiple studios to harness diverse creative energies and cutting-edge resources.

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As new platforms emerge and our industry continues to evolve, efficiency is more crucial than ever. At Prysm Studios, we take an all-in-one approach to Post-Production. Our streamlined business model lets us embrace quick turnarounds and tight deadlines without sacrificing value.

At the heart of our creative synergy is the strategic partnership with MK Films, a collaboration that enhances our storytelling capabilities and elevates the quality of our productions. While our creative roots are deeply intertwined with MK Films where we have a remote footprint, our main offices are situated just down the street within the walls of Resolution Studios, where we're able to offer the full spectrum of post-production services.

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